Reviews for "Toadstools payback"

good but dumb

it was getting good but then it got stupid like what the fuck was toad and mario fighting with? it looked like upside down lightsaber wrences could be better

3 things

1 that was SWEEEEEEEET! , 2 i thout something was strange with toad in super mario 64!, and 3 is i know mario had fire but what did toad have?

Haha sweet.

That was pretty cool with all the Toads singing and fighting Mario,excellent graphics and it was pretty cute too. =P

me likeie

read my title... thats bout it...=D o yea! FAV!


This is great. I was so happy to see a drawn mario flash movie for once. You did a nice job with the graphics. The song was really cool, never ehard it before. It was cool how you gave this battle a DBZ style to it. Very nice idea. i liked how there were so many different toads in the movie. Excellent use of the blurr effect also.