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Reviews for "Field Guide to Snapping"

how cute!!!!!

That was the cutest movie ever!!! I loved the little snake, this was so adorable!


I loved it! That was sooo cute! You have to love cute little animals.

I have one suggestion, next time add penguins. I <3 penguins, oooh and some dolphins, and butterflies, and ladybugs. Okies, now I'm just rambling...mainly the penguins.

Fucking Brilliant!

It's great to see really entertaining non-violent content!


skating turtles, dancing bunnies,snakes,bears... all you need to make a perfect skate movie :P
I can't believe that someone actually voted 0 on this!

Sweet tunes.

That was a truely awesome beat and for the main part the music is what made the flash but i got to say the animation with the animals gave it a cute aspect to it and made it that much better and fun to watch/listen,great stuff.