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Reviews for "Field Guide to Snapping"

Toooooo good!

It was like watching a Richard Scary drawn Seasme Street short on acid! Keep it coming. =)


I loved this cartoon. I pulled the .swf out of my cache so I could store it on my hard drive and watch it over and over again. I really like the way everything moves. and the music. Really nicely done. I liked your other one too. MAKE MORE! Thank you.

I think....

I THINK YOU DESERVE NUM. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but that couldnt happen so i root for ya anyway. your number 1 baby! You apelife should get together and brain storm! think of the possibilities! you and kong rule the newgrounds house! e-mail me, your movie must make your personality a lot like might, i want to make a movie just like that....if i had the talent......................cy rus180@hotmail.com

In my top 3 on NG

The animals are realy funny looking and the music was chill. This is in my top 3 behind "Mario Twins" and "Karma Ghost". Keep up the good work!

Mmm, groovy...

Cool. Very nice animation for the animals dancing and the whole thing was oozing style. Not sure if it should be number four of all time, but it was cool, and I would like to see a sequel.