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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"


Everything was well-balanced. Good voiceacting, not too many filters (now flashers overuse them). In some parts that reminded me "dragon warrior monsters" for GBC. It's only my opiniun though.
Keep it up! Adding you to my fav. list!

Purple Pit?

I know nothing of the game but this is cool. i like it.

Pit has an interesting accent...

Not bad. The graphics were good, but the sound was a little lacking. Is it me, or does Pit have a weird accent? Keep up the good work.

Vey good lol but i realy dont think funny flash go

Whith asction flash but other then that that was hilariouse plz make more I like how it made fun of some kimnda adventure game like that becaus ethe map on that game looked like some kinda souko thing hmm what was it................ oh yeah Zeld............I think....

MKjack responds:

guys I am not american, I am turkish, and living in germany, my english is not the common english you know!!
that's why you may have noticed a certain accent, and I'm living in a different family here, I sure would like to scream or burst out with my voice, but I'm restricted here in this house and I don't want that my parents worry about me XD

Salem alejkum

That's turkish right...? Heh, that's the only thing i actually know to say on turkish ^_^

*ahem* Anyway about the flash... well, everything went too fast, at the end I was trying to figure out what actually happened. I mean, common, he looks like he is bored while trying to save the world, and the enemies... well, they all reminded me of Teletabis, except the three guardians at the end which were supposed to be powerful, but he won them with what... couple of arrows?

Sorry if i am too harsh, but i really like ur work and ur character. It just get's on my nerves that he doesn't get into any serious fights while saving the frigging world ^_^'