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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"


Well done!
I already watched the other two episodes, and I liked'em too.
I'll be waiting for the sequel.

MKjack responds:

Nice that you write this, because the sequel will be uploaded TODAY :D
And it will be a lot of action,
it is almost like "Monster Box", but much more speedy, in the Sky and Side-Scrolling ;)


hahahahaha i never would've thought that my map looked like a sudoku game hahahah

MKjack responds:

if you play the game, you'll notice the map looks the same. the numbers aren't there though, they were just added for fun xD


hahe u shoot the egg plant guy in the nuts freakin awsome. at least u dident say zues,and nice job with the sub tittles. still getting better, keep it up.


Your animation is really well done. The voice acting is still a problem though I did like the subtitles and the fact you skipped the bosses........so happy for that.

Oh man...

You should of made the boss battles longer.!