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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"

lol...so funny

wow it makes me laught a lot.just amazing dude.thought im now a fan of this =P lol.well,next time you can put some music in first part.but everything was perfect beside it.congratulations dude,u made me smile at last.

Blows Parts 1 and 2 away!

Much better this time around!
References to Sudoku, Coke Zero, and DomoKun prove that you are more than just another flash animator with a strange sense of humor. Oh wait, no it doesn't. Great job on using the boss fights to skip around going through the whole game, because that would have been boring, no? Looking forward to the final fight!


Awesome job, Murat Kemaldar! Your flash skills are amazing! I just have two errors to point out to you:

1. According to the Kid Icarus instruction manual, the two-headed dog is called Twinbellows, not Cerberus (though appearently Twinbellows is in fact based off of Cerberus, the three-headed dog).

2. In the battle against Pandora, I noticed Pit's hair and toga happened to be blue, rather then purple. Was he given another power-up by Zeus, or was this just a coloring error? Or did Pit, over the course of his adventure, accidently spill blue paint all over himself and was never able to get it out?

Regardless, this is a damn good movie! I just can't wait for Kid Icarus Part 4 to come out! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Thank you for adding subtitles!

MKjack responds:

It means that Pit has met Zeus once more. ^^
And I know that it was called Twinbellows, but it sounded terrible. So I just called it Cerberus because of its 2 heads.
And the Dragon is called Hewdraw, but i decided to change its name too...
Pandora is the only one I guess with a good name ^^

nice one

very nice 3rd part of Kid Icarus animation you have here.... probably my favorite in the series thus far... but i still liked the original 2 as well. this one here was very nice.... i really hope that you continue onwards with this one, i really enjoy this series. it's pretty good.


canadians ftw ^.^