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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"


Well the graphics were OK but, the voice acting was the worst part of the whole entire thing! I meen sure at least it had a voice... but still it needs to be worked on. And it was a shame tht you had to skip through all the castles JUST like that, would've been better if you putted them in seperate episodes so this series would last longer.

Pit has an interesting accent...

Not bad. The graphics were good, but the sound was a little lacking. Is it me, or does Pit have a weird accent? Keep up the good work.

Purple Pit?

I know nothing of the game but this is cool. i like it.


nice movie,like the ''old fashion game'' music style ^^ cant wait till number 2 come out XD

very good

very good but it coulda been a bit more gorey or funnier