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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"


kid icarus was always a foggot but youve revived him with a dont fuck with me style, liking it cant wait for the sequal but next time make your animation a bit clearer i really hate the whole rough drawn look, besides it ruins suck a cool look to bad ass icarus

This was ridiculous, find a real story

C'mon man! u can do heaps better than that! i mean u can animate! theres nothin wrong there but that whole concept for a story was shite!! a story is meant to be visually enticing! and that lookedmerely like a stupid video game! Ridiculous! make a proper story! and this rating could boost up to a 2!

enough cool to watch yo do end

its not bad for a frp game animation story.I liked your graphic style it is kind a dizzy but it still looks good to me.I hope to see your new series.Please find some powerfull sound efecets and dialogs.Sounds and music are not impresive vermy much.



Pretty Good. Like to see more action in it!

That was pretty good that the third part came out. Although it didn't have alot of action in it this time around, it was still likeable. The dialog was pretty good. The story is really heating up! Like that Kid Icarus gets pissed and tells that he is going to use one of the eggplant's wizard's eyeball to make it into a pendent for himself. Well, see ya in the next part and may God be with you my friend. See ya!

(Found the gag of the Wii word in this (Hint: look in the crates when Kid Icarus turns into an eggplant.) and Domo-Kun as well ( Hint: it is where the crates are.)

Your "Kid Icarus" fan, -JojoMon-