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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part III"


Much better than previous ones, hey a Wii box lol Im gonna get Kid Icarus for Wii pretty soon.
animation is improved yes good job make animation good


wow this is getting better and better keep it up im gonna watch part 4 dont dissapoint me

alot better

noticebly better than the last two. I am eager to see the next one.


hahe u shoot the egg plant guy in the nuts freakin awsome. at least u dident say zues,and nice job with the sub tittles. still getting better, keep it up.


hahahahaha i never would've thought that my map looked like a sudoku game hahahah

MKjack responds:

if you play the game, you'll notice the map looks the same. the numbers aren't there though, they were just added for fun xD