Reviews for "Forces Of Evil - wip"

Nice Track

The horn from 3:13 - 3:20 reminds me of the horns/strings you would hear in the typical "Magus Theme" music.

Great Job!

Maverlyn responds:

thank you :)

amazing music

i dont agree with the game this track is used in but the music itself is epic

Maverlyn responds:

Thanks :P


me and my bro were listening to this and he said it souded like something off of runescape


In my opinion the music sound close to the music of Dark Cut. Very well done my boy!


This is one excellent piece of music, my friend. I saw that it was in the Darnell game along with one of my songs, and I decided to check it out in its entirety. Nice musical motifs and phrases. You're definitely a talented one.

Maverlyn responds:

Man.. your music is so far beyond this :P but thanks.