Reviews for "Rhymes and Riddles"


This makes me want to go out there, learn to play guitar and sing the fuck out of every microphone out there. But i'm pretty sure it wouldn't turn out well, lol.
Anyway, 10/10, 5/5, downloaded, faved.

Songs like these can do a lot of things to people but you might not realise that, it's things like this that encourages people to do things.

Keep it up.

Great song

Keep it up man

Very nice

Good song and nice lead you guys have massive potential

Pretty cool!

I like the style. You guys are pretty good.

I really don't know what to say about it, everything is well developed, good structure, good sound. I like it


lovin it

Idk why i say this but it reminds me a little of operation ivy well actually a lot
its a very well made song congrats
cannot wait to hear the album
your fan evil

Owen-Powell responds:

haha thats rad! i love Operation Ivy
Thanks man.. like i said raisedbyradio.com has links to every where you'll be able to watch progress and know when the new stuff is out, and i'll be sure to put more stuff up when it is out.