Reviews for "Flash Poker"

I really didn't understand that.

It is such a confusing game, I didn't understand how to play. First, I cilcked something like deal 3. Then i had triple queens, I clicked a button. Then it took me up to a random place. I clicked something else. It said Game Over. I said what the heck?


If you are a person who does not enjoy the game poker, DO NOT PLAY POKER. I personally, love poker and i think this game was well done. Good job

not bad. good that you made a poker game.

good to see you made a poker game. how abou trying to make
a texas hold-em game. that would be nice.
overall it was good. nothing special!

Poker to a Funny Level.

I love poker. Playing this game entertained me while gave me a couple of laughs. I like the scene that says YOU LOSE in the bonus round.

funny :)

Nice graphics. but got a little confused when i started with a GAME OVER :) but a really good game