Reviews for "Flash Poker"

Good poker game

This is a good poker game although it is very hard! The person who said you have to right click and press play after each hand is wrong, just bet again!

Hardly decent

Sorry, but when I play in a casino game, I prefer to continue playing after a single hand - I very much disliked how I had to right-click and re-press play every time I wanted a new hand. Still needs a bit of debugging, but it could be good later.

Moderately good poker game

The simulations are sharp and flow well, and the betting system is alright. No sound though and not flashy graphics if you get a good hand means that this is only slightly above par. enjoyable.

A decent poker game

Nothing especially out of the ordinary. . .which in my opinion is fine. I mean its poker and I love the game just the way it is. The flash is a nice add on . . .but could have been done better. . .the controls are extremely easy to pick up. . .but left me disinterested after the first 20 hands. The sounds are okay at first but become a little annoying once your going through a new hand every five seconds.

I play poker alot

But that confused me a bit, good game, well brought in. But next time I think you should go with a casino edge kinda thing.