Reviews for "Flash Poker"

Low end poker

This games was horrible. About the worst poker game I've ever played on the internet. The odds didn't match. Every time I tried doubling up I lost. It's probably programed to select the opposite whatever of whatever color or suite you choose. The sound really started to erk me after 2 seconds of playing, and the "You lose" sign that flashes around forever before you can recontinue play REALLY harshed my buzz. It's like, "yes, I know I lost, you don't need to remind me what a jacked up game you are!" I don't know WHY I even gave it 30 seconds of my time, let alone the 2 minutes I wasted. The graphics are slick, but the playing is horrible. It could be a lot more fun if it wasn't so rigged.

its the best

its sicko

It's very old, but it's still a good game

Well I was just checking out the games page and I saw this little game. I must say I liked this version of poker. It's a pretty old game (not talking about poker, but the flash itself) and they're usually a lot worse then the submissions these days, but I still enjoyed playing this game. I think it even deserved higher then the kinda average score it has now. The things that I liked about this were for example the graphics. The whole screen looked pretty good. The text was nice and I liked that there was some animation in this. Another something that I think was good was the little double up game after you won something. It makes the game a little bit more interesting.

There are also still a few things that you should've changed though.
First of all, you should've added some music in this. After playing it for a while, the game got a bit boring, cause it's just too quiet. The sounds were alright though. Second, one pair should be worth something. For one pair, you should get your bet back. For two pair maybe 1.5 times your bet etc. Then you should still keep that wild card in, cause you don't get that one that often. Third, well I had -133 dollars at some point and I was wondering if there was some limit. I don't think there was, so 0 or -100 should be the limit in my opinion.

Overall 7 out of 10. I think it was a good game like I mentioned before. I doubt it would've won a daily second these days, but I'm sure it would've passed judgement. Too bad the score dropped quite a lot during the last couple of years. Anyway, you've done a good job.

Great game

Very addictive and highly enjoyable to play!
Great work

Solid game

I like video poker games, and flash ones are no exception. True there are many versions online of flash poker, but I like how this one focused less on graphics and more on overall gameplay. This is due to the fact that there was the option to "double up" after each hand, which adds something extra to the overall gameplay experience. The graphics were not too simple and not needlessly extravagent, which ended up making a simple, fun game.