Reviews for "Mario Finds Bad Plumbing"

This was Randy's best cartoon yet! I especially love how it's the funniest joke he's done so far. True, it was really short, but worth it. It's a pretty obvious joke, but I think this may have been the first time it was ever used! It's make perfect sense. It's pretty memorable.

Well, as memorable as poop jokes go. Mario would know how to deal with that. I don't think it would be called bad plumbing. Whatever, it's funny. I look forward to longer stuff later.

that was a very short film it only took like 3 seconds mario is a plumber but mario should find a new job like a pizza or something

too bad, so sad.
your old videos are so crazy. but your later ones seem to be fine.
bad side of your uploads: mario gets lucky - a boy & his blob remix (2000-2001)
good side of your uploads: yoshi's island parody - super mario bros 2 vgdc (2001-2006)
you were uploading videos for 6 years. you uploaded 55 videos

A little short!


Funny, but it could have been longer and should have been in a house with sprites like koopas, goombas, Bowser, Toad, Peach, or hammer bros with a clogged toilet.