Reviews for "Mario Finds Bad Plumbing"


There was both good and bad in this flash. The sprites looked good, and the background and music was all dead-on as usual. Plus,. the crap all over Mario was funny as well. However, it felt short than I would've liked, plus Mario never even said anything. You just used a text bubble this time, which was like takign a step backwards. Try and stay consistent, since you can certainly make greaat sprite flashes.


that was hilarious man. i will never go inside a pipe again lol!
make more like this lol..

If Super Mario is a plummer, Donnald is a duck.

Hehehe, I even heard there were mushrooms growing down there.

Jebus91 is stupid

This may be a strange film but it is 6 years old. If you want to see the good randy solem flash movies than watch the newer ones. This was still a crappy toon though :}

that was wierd!!

ok first off that was dumb! second off why would he say "mama mia" after his clothes are covered in crap? if you guys make another sprite flash like this make ummmm................BETTER!!!!!