Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"


I love the difficulty of the game, makes me whanna keep trying , i love the graphics and the gameplay. This may just be the best defence game, allso i would like to say to everyone that has reviewd this and have answerd in a whinin mood becouse game is too hard , i suggest they start playing real games and stop whining becouse they died too much or becouse its too hard , remember its just agame and a very challenging one.

P.s to the creator of the game, try not to be so selfish, if u dont better the game nowone will play

good job

i can say that your games are each time better.
this was one of the best defence games i've ever played.
the only thing that i really hate was the screamer, dont do something like that in your games or movies.


it's evon better than the last one but you need anothert way to get engey as you run out of it reley quikley.

Couldnt find ghosts...

its a 10 but that fucking ghost sucked i couldnt find the fucker kinda ironic ghost is my fav unit in SC but the fucker argh

lol im posible farther than any of u

im on like lv 18 or somthing i have the problem of that maze thingy thats the only part the hardest 1 is defenitly when i have to figth off that giant ass ship that kills u in 1 hit