Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"


That's a awesome game dood!
There's nothing I can add, everything was good and nothing was bad.


I hope to see more.


Don't worry I'm not slagging you off I loved the game it is fucking sweet (even though I'm struggling on it), your a bastard for putting that number pad on the secrets menu!!!

Question.... Is it there for a taunt? (if so slap yourself for me coz I can't ;-)) If not what are the codes coz its pissing me off I think I'v spent more time trying to figure out the codes.

Can't wait for 6 shud be sweet.

Finally thankyou for allowing me to waste hours of time in college :-D

dz2001 responds:

that numpad is for me only %))
secrets explanation:
secret 1: can be unlocked through the main menu
secret 2: can be unlocked through secret 1
secret 3: unlocked through the ingame menu, its hard to find and there is nothing interesting, just a picture you'll probably wont understand
secret 4: the maze, unlocked when you gain lvl 5
secret 5: for me only, there are some photos of me, nothing interesting
secret 6: Cheats, will be unlocked once you finish the game.
secret 7: for me only, some crap you wont be interesting in


in the lvl when u first meet the ghosts

how were are they? i cant find them with true sight

there was 5 icons i saw

top rightish, top leftish, bottom rightish, bottom leftish, and way to the right.

if the ghosts are on random then give me a tip on how to find them cz when i used trues sight i looked at all those spaces and couldnt find crap
plz respond i want to know how to defeat it

dz2001 responds:

there are 5 possible locations where ghosts spawn
they are highlightet when ghost first appears in wave 5
memorize them

Really hard, really nice.

Very nice game, but it seems I found a bug...

If you deploy an infested marine, and it starts running, but its target is destroyed before it reaches it, it will run off the map but still count as one of the three you have currently on the battlefield. This is rather annoying, since you can only put 2 on the battlefield after that, and can only store up to 4.

Apart from that... still figuring out how to get past the battlecruiser. I might just have to restart the entire game and make sure I already got lvl 5 there.


ignore the guy before me, this game poons the other games you made. micheal, have you ever made a flashgame? if not then stfu noob. nice game, it got me interested. really challenging.