Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"


looks like it took some effort...but it could have used a few things. very cool, but also hard. not bad.

Needs Work

Difficulty settings would be a good idea

Upgrade rate is criminally low (5 stages before a level increase? Come on)

Defense options are lacking, a marine an inch away from a sunken being completely ignored (though I understand) is silly.

Even with the fancy menu option disabled there's still a lot of excess time transitioning between menus.


this is quite awesome, even if i cant beat the friggin first level. ah well, i still enjoy it.


it was ok execept for the fact it wouldent upgrade any thing when i clicked th button even when i had ove a couple thousand dollars


could you remove the transition effect on the menu on powers of queen at overmind, it makes the capturing at using skill slow