Reviews for "StarCraft FA 5"

this game rules

This is coolest game in flash i've ever seen

very good

my problem wasn't with the enemies but the energy and manna rates they would occasionally jerk fromlike0.13ish to 0.62ish id be doing fine one moment and the next i would be getting over run because it would drop good strategy though

attack :o

very good game and i mean it just one lital thing some enemyes are way to overpowered :o like the upgraded marines or the tank that blows up its moving way to fast just fix thou lital things and it will be one of the best games here :)


if 4 Fukin upgraded marines{blue marines} come then they kill you ....................
i was at lvl 5 then 4 came i killed 2 and the other 2 shot my base {by base had half life} THEN IT DIED OMG LOWER THEIR ATTACK POWER!!!!!


it rocks i love this game and i rule at it.