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Reviews for "The Detective Lobster 1"

nice one

that was a great animation... and the chief seems more pissed off then ever! this series looks like its coming along quite nicely... good graphics, great characters, cool action, and very very funny.

nice work on this one.

yeaaaaah.... right.

Ok that was... errr... something... interesting? That shit blow my brain out... i don't know now what is my name... and the second... omg sexy... i want to go and kill my self now...

Irrious responds:

Shit, what have I done to the children?


thats some funny ass shit dude haha nice job


lol the chiefs voice changed mid talk

I'm gonna put cheese all over my dick!

I gotta say, the graphics were terrible, but their crudeness complemented the crudeness of the humor. So whether that was intentional or pure laziness, you got off lucky.

Nice job...I guess.