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Reviews for "The Detective Lobster 1"

nice one

that was a great animation... and the chief seems more pissed off then ever! this series looks like its coming along quite nicely... good graphics, great characters, cool action, and very very funny.

nice work on this one.


I clicked on this expecting to find an actual parody of the movie "The Departed," only with immigration officers. You could have done so much more with a plot like that, and the title would have been far more fitting.

Nice attempt, anyways. Some jokes were funny, and the voice acting was well done. The problem is there's too much "HEY LOOK THIS IS RANDOM SO THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEANS ITS FUNNY" kind of humor in there. There is absolutely no point to making the cop a lobster, and just because its absurd doesn't mean its humorous. You could have done far better with some real satire of Scorsese in here.

Irrious responds:

Sorry it didn't meat your expectations. Next time I won't false advertise the parody. Promise. I think my next cartoon will be called "F00D has a lousy judgment of humor and should wipe my ass for a living".

Starring you... as a fucking lobster. stfu.

typewriter right?

I liked it, but in the opening scene the typewriter kept flipping from facing the back of the office to facing the door. That bugged the heck out of me.

I liked it

Very funny!
It was quirky and had a good sense of humour (except that part where that guy was applying cheese on the chief's dick!)
But it was alright