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Reviews for "The Detective Lobster 1"

So much more

You could have done so much more with your abilities, and you have alot of potential with flash movies. You just er, might need to find a better writer, or get a writer, for your jokes. They just aren't that funny.

Irrious responds:

Outside of your own small head, there's a giant vast world of OTHER PEOPLE with DIFFERENT STYLES OF HUMOR and well if you turn on your TV late at night on adult swim or check out the positive feedback here you'd see that "HOLY SHIT I DON'T HAVE TO GET IT FOR IT TO BE FUNNY AND APPEAL TO LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE... THAT WOULD MEAN THAT THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND ME AND MY OWN JUDGMENT DOESN'T OVERRIDE EVERYONE ELSE'S! OH NOOO! I'M MELLTTIINNG! MEELLLLTTTIIINNG"

I'm sorry, but here's my honest review

I'll try to review this as if I stumbled upon it and it was not on the front page.

As you've probably been told, there isn't much visually impressive here.
And humor? You seem to rely on perversity and toilet humor, and I didn't find it funny.

There are a few sound issues of course, like, as others have mentioned; the chief's voice.

The intro was a bit decieving, making the audience think that the movie would be, well, at least longer than the intro itself.

Overall, I give it a 4/10.
Thanks for making the movie though!

Anybody can learn to draw..

..but you can't learn humor so you got it good

it doesnt matter if you draw like a 5 year old

because the material and the dialoge is fucking hilarious. fuck that other wanker. "..fucking boring.. but no offense" oh thanks for the constructive critisism.. you should write a book you jack off.

anyway great cartoon, funny shit man. you got talent.

Well um...

The intro was longer than the movie most of it had nothing to do with anything and absolutely no story line at all.. some funny parts but other than that it was just kinda boring...no offense

Irrious responds:

Sorry, I WAS gonna put in a bunch of scantily dressed female models covering each other with whip cream and beer while Vin Deasel and the Rock had a gunfight against P Diddy but I forgot.