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Reviews for "The Detective Lobster 1"

LMAO thhis was grrrreat!

I loved this. So silly yet so awesome! I loved the little internet viral add ins like Tubgirl and the banana guy. And the "put your gun, your badge and your pants on my desk now" my gun, my badge, my what?! "Your gun your badge and your pistol!" XD!!

Corn Doggit!

Hmm. Looks like a show. but some tips are in order.
1: get some more people to do voices or work on your voice range.
2: Perhaps use the GD word a bit of a lot less? Too much to ask? It does appear so but maybe I can change you if I believe in myself? huh? maybe?
3: Make more... That way you can follow my tips.

Random Violent Foul mouthed humor ... I love it

Really what can I say .... Too bad the rating system woudn't do you justice even if I Gave you the highest rating But man this is one of the funniest peices of shit around ... Keep em coming

don't backtalk me, you ...slippery bitch!

hahaha. oh geez. this moistened my laughter muscle. graphics added to the humor. when the chiefs head started turning upside down=yay+haha. the way you said "bitch" was the funniest part of this movie. comedic timing=appreciated. i'm not even a math person, why am i talking like this? ROCK ON.

look ummmm...

I think u can do so much more.