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Reviews for "The Detective Lobster 1"


it was alright but i hated that guys voice, it was fucking annoying, but overall it was a good flash.

Irrious responds:

the review was alright but i hated this guy that kept bitching about the guys voice. But overall good review

just gay

more jokes less of making people fags

Irrious responds:

more people with a sense of humor, less closeted homosexuals uptight about "fags"

Good concept.

The voice acting needed a bit of work, a long with the recording quality, it was a bit of alright tho. I can see where you were going with the humour, but it didnt really cater to my taste, meh, still i reckon it would be a lot funnier if the voice acting was better. Kudos man, the animation and style was fair good.

Not great.

That wasn't funny but effort was put into it.

abosolute shit.

damnit dude.. I had to watch that twice, and smoke a joint the 2nd time round, to even crack a smile at that.. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!!?!?!?

Irrious responds:

I was thinking "Man I should make a cartoon that will only appeal to people that are smart enough to get it and don't smoke all their brain cells to shit!"