Reviews for "NG Review Game #2"

As My Name State's

I'm alway's a fan of good reviewing and this game seem's nearly perfect. If you could find a way to improve the graphics and sound a little then it would help decipre between good and bad flah's(especially the one with the norton key, i didn't really get that one). so if you keep up the good work you can expect good review's in your future.

P.S. My final score was 47 with a silver whistle level.

TomatoSalad responds:

The one with a key code was an example of somthing I saw a while ago.
Still, thanks for the review.
47 isn't too good, maybe try again? lol P:

Still so long as you like it ;D


Loved it

Great game! I enjoyed it alot! I didn't do too well though HAHA!

TomatoSalad responds:

Good to hear, too bad you didn't do so well :(


learnt alot about the whistle!
my score:
whistle: silver *lol*
score: 80 or summet


TomatoSalad responds:

Alright then, thanks.

This is neat

This is good teaches people how to do proper reviews instead of the typical "Its AWESOME" or "This suck blam" Im going to look for more of these cuz sometimes you run out of things to say and these show you differant approaches you can take. Good job on this :)

TomatoSalad responds:

Yeah, I made a diffrent style of this as well, thanks for the review.

As many people have already said, this is a great flash. It's (for lack of a better word) educational, and helps users, putting it bluntly, not be pricks.

There are only two improvements I can think of:
1. The music, it's good, classic even, but the repetition can get annoying. My favorite solution to this is giving an option to choose a track, nothing extreme, maybe just one or two extra songs.
2. After getting a review (or lack of whistle) wrong, it should give some sort of indicator, nothing too obvious like giving away the answer, but merely something like a small and/or quick buzzer noise. I think it will make the game easier, but not TOO easy. After all, there's still only a 1/4 chance of getting the answer right after your first guess.

In conclusion, an excellent flash for anyone and everyone on Newgrounds, be it as a tutorial, an achievement farm, or simply to watch the file get chased to Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill theme).

10/10, 5/5, and I'll even throw in a favorite.