Reviews for "NG Review Game #2"

Much better

I really liked the game, you thought of everything! Great job!

P.S. Did you make the flash movies yourself?

TomatoSalad responds:

I made some of them but some of them where made by the authors who have been credited :)


This is impressive. I love the use of whitle!!!

TomatoSalad responds:

Well thankyou :)


Lucky I got it right, haa.. it's a good game though, can't wait to see more :)

TomatoSalad responds:

Good job


This is fun and useful since I can practice my skills with the whistle. It was okay even though it was before the redesign.

TomatoSalad responds:

I miss the old layout :'(

Review Score: 100

Woo! A deity whistle.

I always enjoy these review games around Newgrounds. The pre-redesign layout makes it feel a bit awkward. But that's completely out of you control. So the gameplay was fantastic. Fun & unique from the other review games.

This is really outstanding for a '06 game.

TomatoSalad responds:

Yeah, thanks, glad people still play this ;)