Reviews for "NG Review Game #2"

Well, that was nice, achieved Deity Whistle with 95 points! Very good!
But what is the 1st secret medal?PM please

As many people have already said, this is a great flash. It's (for lack of a better word) educational, and helps users, putting it bluntly, not be pricks.

There are only two improvements I can think of:
1. The music, it's good, classic even, but the repetition can get annoying. My favorite solution to this is giving an option to choose a track, nothing extreme, maybe just one or two extra songs.
2. After getting a review (or lack of whistle) wrong, it should give some sort of indicator, nothing too obvious like giving away the answer, but merely something like a small and/or quick buzzer noise. I think it will make the game easier, but not TOO easy. After all, there's still only a 1/4 chance of getting the answer right after your first guess.

In conclusion, an excellent flash for anyone and everyone on Newgrounds, be it as a tutorial, an achievement farm, or simply to watch the file get chased to Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill theme).

10/10, 5/5, and I'll even throw in a favorite.

I entertained me for awhile. But got boring after awhile. It was good while it lasted though.

I Like how you are teaching us how to make a great review for a game and how not to make a bad one. Also thanks for teaching me how to use the whistle, I never knew how to use it at all but tell me, how can I use it in this update?

This was a nice game. You can learn all about reviewing. The controls were good. The medals all work. Will there be a part three?