Reviews for "NG Review Game #2"

Pretty cool quiz! Much better than the last one. Could be longer. Nice that there is medals. There is one error, though: you can click a button, but nothing happens. I don't think it's supposed to be there in the first place. Some spelling errors. But I think you put them there for a reason. The classic NG theme was great. I recommend this Flash to people who have low whistle status or can't get their status up. I look forward to more great games from you!


A fun quiz! Considering how much I've reviewing I probably shouldn't have had so much trouble with this, but it took a while to gain all the achievements. I like the classic NG interface, would be cool with more of these oldskool quizzes. Keep it up!


Lots of spelling mistakes. The whistles where so obvious. Took more effort to get the lower point medals than the good medals.

This was a pretty boring game, but I still enjoyed playing it. I thought it was a fun way to make writing a review fun.

Pretty helpful