Reviews for "NG Review Game #2"

The game is okay, I like how you made so many animations to put into this. Sounds get old fast and you didn't use great ones for the in-game animations, but this isn't unusual for such old games. The gameplay was pretty simple and there were no games in the synthesized portal - only movies. At times the reviews seemed pretty neck and neck with each other, which I thought made it a little too tough since it is a matter of opinion after all.

Fun game but nothing to write home about.


This wasn't all that bad.
I liked the style, but it's a tad bit unrealistic; not all that much is garbage, but this is pretty informative for new users. the sound is what it is, and everybody likes the good ol' newgrounds theme. but there could have been much more to it, the whistle button was used enough, but it was a bit hard to tell the difference between helpful and...nither? I hope you mean neither. I got gold.
This game is pretty good, all things considered.

Very nice. I think this is a very helpful tool to newgrounds noobs that want to help sort out crappy spam flash from the decent works.

Good quiz! Really nice game flow. Unlocked all of the medals yet? I have! But, it could be longer. Overall, a really great Flash!