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My god, this must have been fun to act out...

First I'd like to congratulate you on your first daily, Front page, and probably a weekly award. I've never been wrong.

But you still did a spectacular job on it. Admittedly, FBF like this is rarely seen. It was irritatingly short, but anylonger and picture quality would have to go, so yeah.

Firstly, I would like to say this isn't original. Though it is on NG, which is what matters, one of the Warner Bros. cartoons featured the character coming alive and talking to the drawer. Animations attacking people is not new.

HOWEVER, this is, BY FAR, the most well acted one I've seen. Professional, grade-A quality. You should be an actor, seriously.

And now the breakdown.

Graphics-10. Great picture quality. That FBF is something exquisite. The characters were not while drawn, but you animated, like, 50 of them, so who cares? They served their pupose, and making them detailed would be distracting.

Style-10. Great song. Great acting. It all clicked perfectly. not much more to say.

Sound-9. Great choice. Vibrant and exciting, while not distracting the viewer.

Violence-2. Blah blah. No one cares about this score.

Interactivity- 1. Not a game, doesn't matter.

Humor-3. The idea of animations attacking the creater always has that little humor.

Overall-10. Wow. Just...wow. For the first time in my history of being a good reviewer, I think this really deserves a 10. If anything could get your name out there, it's this.

Normally my reviews are longer and suggest ways to make it better, but this is just flawless. Literally. The ONLY thing I disliked was that the title was in caps. Kind of irritating. But who cares about that?

For the first time in my life, I am speechless. I have nothing to correct. Nothing. I hope you're making some profit from this, 'cause hell knows you deserve it. I'd donate, but, well, I'm out of cash and 13, so... yeah. But seriously, if your later flashes are 1/2 this good, you will be inducted into the NG Animators Hall of Fame. Keep it up. This is downright beatiful.

No corrections. No disdainful remarks. This was just... incredible. Amusing, exciting, riveting. Just, no words left, man, no words.

This is down in '06 portal history, for sure. Prepare to be worshiped as a god by all of NG...

P.S. Anyone who accuses this as ripping Animator VS. Animation is a n00b. This is filmed in real time. A VS. A wasn't, and it didn't involve the actual author.

AlmightyHans responds:

ok, to not occupy so much space i wanna some it up to... I LOVE YOU, thanks SO much for this review its truly ORGASMIC to me reading these things regardless of how wrong that sounds. but my favorite part of aniamting is to read the reviews. and this has made my night, week, and month! thank you so ever much.

YES i know this isnt completely original, what i meant by original in this is for NG as you say and maybe there are other live action vs cartoon stuff on ng, thats beyond my knowlege but i havent seen one at this scale of qualiy so i gave it a shot. boy, i sure do wish the things you say will come true, seriousley i worked so hard on this. and yea i plan on winnin some moey or otherwise "sell" the idea. im basically looking into submitting this into a short animation film festival. since there is no language i can submit it to ANY country in the world. :D anyways friend thatnks for making me so happy, im am also 100% crazy for giving you a "speechless" movie.