kinda nice.........just say i like it...


he out number

OK and good luck

This short was a good way to display what skills you have learned. Good try! Hope to see some better work in the newgrounds world. :)

Great acting and animation

And congratz on being in portal defenders!

I didn't find it funny

I found it a bit strange this was in the "Funny Cartoons" section, because it did not seem humor-oriented. In fact, it seemed a little more scary! This was still a great thing to watch because it had probably the best example of flash interacting with a live-action world. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was innovative because it was completely flawless in everything it did with special effects. You have shown that a person can do this on a much smaller scale. I noticed there was a part where you tried to bite the head off of one of the cartoon characters.

The way the characters just go across your room and floor is so cool. As we get to see you animating, it's cool because we get to see you on a more personal level. I always like it when people show off the flashplayer itself in a submission. I do not have one myself, so it makes me think about what it would be like. I hope you get out of your computer sometime soon to make more stuff.