hahaha nice

nice effects and acting lol being draged in to the screen lol that was very good lol reminds me of small soldiers where they use barbie dolls to multiply lmao

to pro hahaha

Sam Raimi copyrights? :-P

The resemblance to other things here is seen mostly in two things: The creation vs. creator battle using the Flash options and tools like in "Animator vs. Animation". But the way it was done just reminded me of the movie "Army of darkness" so much... I believe you saw it as well because there is a scene filled with miniature versions of the hero who attack him. I think the movie is great and I'd love to make suggestions but I simply have none for this because for it's genre it's flawless in my view. Good job, and if you ever make a flash directly based on "Army of darkness", let me know.

AlmightyHans responds:

actually no, i didnt see army of darkness. though i am a fan of this zombie type movies, i love the movie BRAIN DEAD (Dead Alive) but i kinda imagined this to be more of a Gulliver's Travels thing... the animation vs. animator, yea i can see how people find the similarities but no matter how fake it sounds i was actually already animating the guy jump into my face when i saw that toon in the portal XD seriouse.


Pretty good, man. I took you a lot of time, I'm sure. Very very cool. Looks like you copied "Animation vs. Animator" a little, but that's fine. I like it a lot

AlmightyHans responds:

no, i swear to god, in my aithors comments i wrote that this was filmed in June, LOL i saw animator vs. Animation after it was ll filmed! i knew somone was bound to say this...

I loved it.

Hah that was great. Very nice and humurous keep up the good work.

AlmightyHans responds:



Lot of work here ! Nice and original ! Good Job !

AlmightyHans responds:

original! thats what i really wanted to do! create somthing original on newgrounds