Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"


I guess his dong is pretty limp huh? lol kitty pool.


The humor is great maybe you should make one for Russia. On the other hand did you put the chinky eyes there on purpose?If you did im offended.10/10



I was crying it was so funny, and that is just what I come to newgrounds for. Comedy.

The voice acting was great, and the drawing was amazing. Keep up the great work, I'll be waiting for more movies by you!

Superbly Funny!

I love This Politically Based Cartoon on Kim Jong il where kim jong is so funny. ''Today, Kim jong il plans to blow up, err, moon. I am Still Cracking Up! 10/10! Added to my Favourites.

Another response to Leilzza

Although Korea is a proud culture there is no denying the Kim Jong Il is one crazy bastard who is 100% egotistical and is a cruel ruler. You of all people should know that because of him, many North Koreans die trying to get to south korea, and that this flash is only showing his insanity in a comical light. But as far as the vid goes, hilarious.