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Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"

Kim will surely take desparate measure to track yo

Now Kim will surely take desparate measure to track you down! Does it mean to nuke America?

But before such thing may happen, I congratulate you for making this movie. I love it and that's it.

Fucking Funny As

This movie was awesome it had everything and it didnt get boring like most flashes i encourage the person who made this flash to make a shit load more coz they've got skill of bagging kim jon il.

LO freakin L

you funny
me like
u make more
you funny
that funny
me and i like



I was crying it was so funny, and that is just what I come to newgrounds for. Comedy.

The voice acting was great, and the drawing was amazing. Keep up the great work, I'll be waiting for more movies by you!


This is funny really funny best movie I seen on newgrounds since It was made kept makeing movies like this and I hope to see you make a game some time soon Thanks for makeing me laugh.