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Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"

Still after a year

i laughed very hard the first time i saw this Flash and now still after a year i just keep laughing every time i see this

iran is making a nuclear bomb"Big deal, i already made one. Tested it too"

funny brother really funny

that was funny, ol' kim is like a real villian with cooky plans, hope this becomes a series

F***ing hilarious dude

Funniest political flash I have ever seen. I laughed my ass off.

Superbly Funny!

I love This Politically Based Cartoon on Kim Jong il where kim jong is so funny. ''Today, Kim jong il plans to blow up, err, moon. I am Still Cracking Up! 10/10! Added to my Favourites.

omg that was funny

prett funny homes i really liked it and enjoyed that he shot people at random =] funny stuff!!