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Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"

dude this is great

this was awesome dude, nicely done
once i get my dong up everyone will cowar in its precence!

Another response to Leilzza

Although Korea is a proud culture there is no denying the Kim Jong Il is one crazy bastard who is 100% egotistical and is a cruel ruler. You of all people should know that because of him, many North Koreans die trying to get to south korea, and that this flash is only showing his insanity in a comical light. But as far as the vid goes, hilarious.

Response to leilzza

The author probably does not mean to offend in the accents, but is only trying to embody it as best he can. But, if you look past the accent you will see that it's very true in what he does say and act. Although I feel sorry that he rubbed you the wrong way, I think you may be taking it a little to harshly. But, aside from all that, I thought that it was a very accurate representation. Good job

You uncultured moron...

First of all, let me say that not only does Kim Jong Il (and every other supposedly 'Korean' person in this flash) NOT have a Korean accent, he also has a very FAKE, stereotypical Chinese one. And yes, there IS a difference--a big difference. Honestly, using that accent in the flash just made me so angry I closed the window. It also makes the creator of this thing look like an uncultured moron. So next time, before you go around (badly) mimicing the accents of other cultures, I'd advise making sure you're mimicing the RIGHT accent in the first place.

4/10 is justified because I didn't find it funny and the accents just ruined it for me. Plus all the 10/10s you're getting for this thing is just people over-hyping it.

-a foreigner living in South Korea


this is some funny shit!!!!