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Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"


That was really great for the most part. I think you nailed the voices perfectly, and it was really funny (that part with the horse was the funniest thing I've seen in a while... totally out of left field!).

The dong joke DID outstay its welcome (there usually some joke or other in your flashes that stays too long) but in general the flash was very well-paced.

The graphics were a bit simple, but they were effective. If you want to improve them, you could add a bit of shading perhaps.

*clap clap clap*

Supirsed that I haven't seen more of this because of all the recent news. Thank you for picking up the slack. Again, I applude you.


im kim jon ii fear mY power!!!!!!!!!!!!


That whole animation really looked like an off-take from Team America, the whole broken english thing is also a bit cliche now dont you think? Would have been funny if it was a REAL chinese that imitated Kim or use the team america sound board in some way. The whole shooting the guard thing wasn't funny after the second one either. Naming the rocket 'Dong' was kinda cute but i could see where you were going with that. Storyline was also kind of bland, but you went out and proved to us all how much of a second rate, moronic tewwowist Kim Jong-Li is Well Done. Keep it up , wouldn't mind seeing some more of this kind of work on other people. ie. celebrities or world leader, terrorist groups etc... 4/5 if this will be a series..

Good god. Stop the whining.

This flash was great and it was at least funny to me. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. but giving a zero to this flash just because Kim doesn't have a Korean accent or the lettering is Hebrew is just plain snotty. Sam t has always put effort into his work. This is no exception.

Plus I'm Korean so there.