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Reviews for "Little Kim Jong-il"

I really didn't like it

Maybe its just me, but I thought this was a waste of time. So far its the dullest idea for a flash I've seen, I didn't even giggle, I just stared at the screen in boredom. I think you tried to make this funny by making asian accents and Kim Jong randomly kill people, which grew very annoying. I liked the artwork however, and you probably put a lot of work into this. I'll give you props for that, but otherwise I really hated it.


OMG!!! that was the single funniest damn thing I saw all year long!!!! Keep up the good work!!

fucking amazing lol.5

wow. this was so awesome. i loved his voice, his face and his hair. i thot he was a little too fat, but he made up for that by shooting every guard. ^_^ this was amazing. the music was perfect and the voicing.
good job



I like the autheticity of this, that music is very North Korean communist style haha. I do get this message from that leader. He has a short person complex.

Great Job

Another big hit from Ebolaworld
you guys are great