Reviews for "Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3"

I have no clue

Ok ive read every clue theres one with a X maybe that means that hes her Xhusband but i dont know please help me with this i am really confused also how many numbers are there ive only found 2 so far...

Nice job, but it was hard

I noticed the numbers and that is it. Nice game, I like these kind of games, they make me think. Maybe put a hint system in for us stuck people? Getting late on this end, signing off.

waay too hard.

it was far too hard. i think you might have a glich in it.
also, not really any animation

selfdefiant responds:

There is one animation and the rest is just a game to find clues and get the amulet. It isn't supposed to have much animation. My other two didn't have any animations either. I tested it and so have my friends and believe me no glitch, you can complete the game but it is a bit hard!


i think you might have a typo or something because i thought the guy was the girls husband and ive been playing for an hour without finding anything please help

selfdefiant responds:

I wanted to be hard but not too hard. The note you are refering to was not written by the lady it was written by her husband. You need to have the tool to get the answer to that puzzle. Thats about all I can say with out giving it away. Good luck!

Nice game

Game's kool, i enjoyed it. its sorta tough put how could it ever be kool if it weren't. keep up the sweet game-age. lol.