Reviews for "Super Sneaky Spy Guy 3"

Another enjoyable stop in the "chronological trip down selfdefiant memory lane" (tm).

Still a bit on the short and easy side, although the hints were less obvious this time around, making the puzzles more challenging and satisfying. The usage of a particular 'tool' in one of them was a really nice touch, definitely my favourite puzzle of the series so far. I also liked that there was a bit more (if disjointed) backstory in this one.

I'm already missing Uncle Willie and his gold though! D:

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks. I think I need to replay all of these as well. :)

not bad

It took me forever to finnish it but not bad


really good game. :) one of my favourites. btw, i like the music, where did u get it from? (though yeah it did get a little repititive after a bit)

Awesome game

I finished it pretty quickly, actually I finished all 3 rather quickly. Pretty good games, but maybe you could make them a bit longer next time?

selfdefiant responds:

I hear ya, I am working on it!

good game...but HARD!

i seriously have no idea what to do! lol!
i dont' want to get annoyed for too much longer so i am stoppign now.
I finished your other games, but this one is harder! GRR!

anyways, good game and it will be good when someone finishes this and gives a clue to everyone!!!