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Reviews for "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright"


i love naruto it's soooo cool. that was funny how he got locked up in jail for copying ninja jutsu. lolololololololoolol! "i got lost on the road of life." hahahahahahahaha! who in there right mind gets lost on that road it's like impossible! the action was great too.

i forgot to say something about the terra vs celes thing in my other review to you. (escape) can i have my name in the cridits for it please! i gave you the idea and i can't animate at all!

ill read this in a week (or 2 days) bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DannyP responds:

Sure, if I get to making it I'll put you in the credits for the idea.
Glad you liked this movie of mine, thanks for watching and reviewing.


That was fucking hilarious! I was thinking about that the other day. And the thing with the CDs and Naruto was a great addition to it all...

DannyP responds:

Ah, strange that you'd have been thinking of it the other day :o Thanks for watching and reviewing.

very funny!

This was awsome and not just because im a big naruto fan no. It's just funny!

DannyP responds:

Thanks for watching my movie :P


I enjoyed this because im a little depressed over the kakashi dying via pein thing anywho well done!

OMG so the whole Uchina family should be jailed

Itachi and Sasuke sure copied a lotta ninjutsu with their Sharinggans, HOW COME THAT MOTHER TRUCKING LAWyER DIDN'T SUE THEM??????

DannyP responds:

Why do you think they're hiding in Akatsuki as rogue ninjas?