Reviews for "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright"

no just no

that wasent funny...... point blank kakashi wouldent go jsut like that hed kick there asses first


lol. nice animation. I'm sad u did that to kakashi though. very clever.


the was smart copy right laws on the copy ninja

fantastic, really

About a year ago a friend and I were joking about what would happen if kakashi was sued. never thought I'd actually see it though. The animation was nice, and I loved the intro explaining the sharingan(also, good idea if someone who doesnt know naruto stumbles on the flash) really funny vid too boot.

DannyP responds:

Interesting, haha. Yeah, the intro was specifically so people who don't watch Naruto wouldn't get all confused. Glad you enjoyed it.


Indeed yes hmhm ya perfect absolutely ahah ya thats a game alright