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Reviews for "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright"


alright it was funny and bad (epecialy the sending kakashi to jail part)
but maybye you should explain what happened to his team after kakashi was sent to jail? maybe one of the akasuki gets caught and sentenced to comuinty service by training naruto's team (heaven have mercy on us all if its itachi)?also i give you a five and a nine the five because on a scale from 0-10 its closer to ten/5 ,and nine because you sent kakashi to the slammer.

DannyP responds:

I don't usually get reviews like yours :P Thank you for taking the time to actually try to give useful suggestions.
I already have the script written out for the sequel... I should seriously get it done, because it looks like everyone's waiting for it. I've been busy with several games though, and they just look too good to put to the side :P I'll spoil a bit of the sequel if you want...
Don't read below if you don't want to know!

Kakashi is shown in jail, but then a cloud of smoke surrounds him and Naruto is revealed! Kakashi then shows up outside of the jail, and Naruto goes to him and complains, "Sensei, I never would have agreed to your plan if I knew this was going to happen." It turns out Kakashi saw this coming, so he switched places with Naruto at some time during the trial. Now Kakashi will proceed with his greater plans...



DannyP responds:

Thanks for watching and taking time to review.

Yay! This was great.

I loved it. Kakashi is my favorite naruto charater.

DannyP responds:

A lot of Kakashi fans are angry at me for locking him up :P Glad you liked it regardless of that.


You liitle punk we were a team LMAO!!!!

DannyP responds:

Seems everyone really like that part... thanks for watching, and glad you liked the movie.


lol this was funny. Kikashi is one of my favorite characters from naruto! LMAO

DannyP responds:

Thanks for watching :P