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Reviews for "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright"


Very funny!

DannyP responds:


this was hilarious

this could make a dog luagh cuase it makes alot of sense!! the art is right on target with what really is in the manga thanks.

DannyP responds:

Your review could make a dog laugh, too.

OMG so the whole Uchina family should be jailed

Itachi and Sasuke sure copied a lotta ninjutsu with their Sharinggans, HOW COME THAT MOTHER TRUCKING LAWyER DIDN'T SUE THEM??????

DannyP responds:

Why do you think they're hiding in Akatsuki as rogue ninjas?

Nice idea :)

Personally I was wondering when would someone do an animation featuring this (don't go on newgrounds everyday I recently found this).
Side not: 5 years in prison....... try to get a NINJA to stay in a ''normal'' prison for more then 3 days XD

DannyP responds:

Well, that's what the sequel is for!

oh kakashi u crazy copycat

awesome heard there's a sequel whens it's going to come out can't wait :D

DannyP responds:

It's already out, check out "The Copy Ninja's Return".