Reviews for "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright"


well, it seemed like a good idea... the audio was pretty good, but really, even as someone who watches naruto, this just got more and more confusing. court trials are NOT allowed to go on without a defense, so please next time make you flashes more accurate- and less confusing!!

It had its moments

It was funny in some parts, but the overall plot probablly could've done better. Still, this would be an interesting thing to happen in the actual show. My favorite part; "You little squealer! I thought we were a team!" "Put the witness down."
Work on plot, other than that, good job.


lol we were a team


Kakashi got a pole in the back, Which me no lieks. *Takes Cloud Sword from the productions thing, And kills Naruto with it*
Happeh Ending.


it was funny well done if i was wearing a hat i would take it off...well yeah you know what i mean but WHY? KAKASHI? WHY?