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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"

Phoenix Wrong is made of win.

Pure, Refined win.
My favorite parts were the crazy colory thing with evolution in the backround,
The part with von karma and sinistar,
The kill bill scene with april may. (Pixel boobs are always a plus. xD)
Both of the steve carell ones. Because hes awesome.
And last but not least.......

This was the best movie in the history of movies.


That was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing. All I could think of was what the next one would be and all it did was get better toward the end.


Wow... Just... wow...


Man dont stop making this stuff its just to danm funny. hopping to see some more. 10/10 vote 5 every day.

my favorite

this is definetly my favorite out of the rest. It really gets about 3x funnier when you actually know the characters. Oh, and a few audio list errors. The music supposedly from kill bill was actually part of the origional Get Smart intro. And i'm pretty sure that one part isn't really from MST3000. Still, it was a great flash.