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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"


this was a killer fuckin sweet dude gud job! xx


This was so asome with the song run to the hills by iron maiden album the number of the beast. my bro wouldint stop laughing i had to gag him this is the best one you made yet i would hope you will make another one like it. And the humor was good....... wait no thay arnt thay are AWSOME. plz plz plz make anther one.

The pain!

That must have been the funniest thing made in 2006,more! MORE I SAY! :)


That was so fucking awesome. I lol'd.

BTW Who is the beat by that's playing when the old lady in the spacesuit appears?


that was too funny espesally :wheres my berreto! wheres my berreto! that was homer wasen't it? it was a little long though and i did not watch it all. (because my mom came in at the last second) could you make the next shorter. still it was funny!