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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"

O.O ..... Buuhhhh =3=

Thank you, Rupert Murdock! You know what I wanna do? I wanna give this thang 1 buh-zillion-flabbadoobadillion points! But I can only vote 5. I do dat den.


Well done. Every scene was nicely done, comedic timing was great. Keep up to good work, would love to see more.


Well, you can't say Phoenix Wrong is getting low scores now, this is currently ranked as #1 for scores and deserve it!

Last Stand?

Surely you can't mean this is the last one...
Great job...but I sincerely hope we see more...

My oh My...

I am thinking of offering you sexual favors for involving Invader Zim.

Wait is that Gir?!

And Freakazoid?!?!

Yep. I'm offering.