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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"

Ha ha! i love this series!

This rating would be 140,203,2909302 for every pheonix wrong!


greatest video ever! ROFL!!!

I'm dying of laughter, this is the greatest video I've ever seen! Its all so random but hilarious, I feel like watching all of the Phoenix Wrong videos. In fact, I should! I'll do it right now! XP awesome video!

5/5 =D

its good

in the sene where he said this hand of myn glows with a asome power and it tells me to defeat u
i wached it and forgont the name wat is the name of it plez contaced me if u no wat the name of that show is so i can find it and wach it

omg i keep watching it over and over

that was the best one, although i liked the godzilla roar in a previous one. needs a scene selection though.

butt salad.

with cous cous.